It is a fact that not every person when becomes richer goes down towards being a philanthropist as most of them only focuses on how to multiply their money more with money.

Those who are contributing in this field are the real heroes whether people know them or not. In this video we see the star Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi going to a village and giving away people money as charity.

He was also providing them water and other utilities as well. This is indeed a great work from the Pakistani all-rounder. Afridi is also making a hospital in his native place Kohat for the poor’s.

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Imran Khan, remains on top of philanthropists who belong from Pakistan as his dream project Shoukat Khannum Cancer memorial Hospital remains one of the biggest and most prestigious hospitals in the world.

The news that whether other players are involved in giving away charities is not known much as there are many who do these holy acts yet don’t let people and media know about it.

In Islam it is also ordered that if one gives away any charity he should do it with complete secrecy and even your other hand should not get knowledge about it.

Shahid Afridi’s contribution is however under debate as he was seen making a video when he was helping these people. There was a mobile camera present inside the vehicle and they guy was shooting the new venture from Afridi.

For all his fans it was completely justifiable whole to many it was just a publicity act and nothing more than it.

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